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Right up front, I am going to tell you that you might think I am being wrong or unfair.

I make all my judgements based on the facts provided to me.

If anyone can prove me wrong, I welcome the comments so here we go.

First Time I Ever Heard of …

I recently was invited to a CBD Tasting. I thought that sounded so cool. For a change a new take on a great product sweeping the nation, right?

Off we go, as this lady who I had never met, gave me a ride to the meeting. My neighbor brought us together via phone calls.

I was told that she was interested in CBD and wanted to talk to me. The first misleading thing I heard. She wanted me to sign up with her network.

As we go, I tried to find out more but no response so I patiently waited. I really thought we were going to compare and analyze the benefits of different CBD brands.

I should have known the minute I saw the meeting was in a commercial building.

It looked like a meeting of that old sneak, A—Y. It wasn’t them.

After much rah-rah, which I am not and never have been comfortable with, we settled down to a showcase of a particular product list which I had never heard of.

Apparently, my new friend knew all she wanted to know about CBD and had no interest in learning more.

I played along. I was and always will be interested in new brands or products. It’s what I want and need if I am going to recommend products to my new patients, right?

So, it nagged at the back of my mind that this was bad network marketing. Only designed to separate you from your hard earned money but I held on. I wanted to find out if the product was as claimed.

Does the name VASAYO ring a bell?

The Product

The introduction to the main product and the rest that were not CBD related was quite smooth. The guy had his spiel down and made it sound so wonderful. It was LIPOSOMAL DELIVERY!

If you know anything at all about that, you know it’s as wonderful a delivery for vitamins and supplements as there ever was and it’s still fairly new but old in the scientific medical community.

Liposomal is where the product molecules are coated in lipids which enable the product to pass through the rough seas of gastric acid and the protection of the gladiator of a liver we possess.

Once it makes it past these two, it enters your system to give what is known as the Absorption Factor. That means your body uses more of it than it discards via bodily waste processes.

Since I am looking to try new things, I signed up for the barest of minimum which was carrying a hefty price tag that could sink a ship.

Still, I figured if it was that good, I wanted to know personally so I bought two oils consisting of 4 bottles. I wondered at that amount.

The Next Day

On the ride home, my mind could not wrap itself around the cost for so little. Until the next day, when I could take my time and really go through what I bought, I was bothered.

Next day, I looked online to see the total charges because I was the only one there who signed up online. The rest used paper signups.

I paid $372! WTF? Turns out I paid $50 just for the privilege of signing up. The rest was product and S/H charges.

Wanting to see what it was I bought, I checked the label. The lady, who was very well meaning and unaware, told me that she had compared the two brands. One I am already using and the one she hoped I would use of hers. She told me hers had a  better Absorption Factor. Ok, I was about to find out.

She claimed 60-80% absorption for her Vasayo which is called CBD One. Optivida has a 60% absorption which is the one I use right now.

Me Screaming

Seriously, you could hear me around the block screaming at being ripped off.

I was seriously stunned and outraged at such deception.

This phony imposter of a CBD product has so much crap that may or may not be an allergen to so many people. It’s on the label but you don’t hear about that at the meeting and when they talk you into signing up. No, not at all.

Read all about it.


Look at the list of added products you are paying for! No wonder it takes two bottles a month.

Liposomal delivery of 13mg of watered down CBD is nothing compared to 60% of full spectrum 18 mg of Optivida!


Look at the list!

The End … You Must Always Look First!

In the end, I am so thankful to my Instructor Sonia Gomez and colleagues in my training for sharing their knowledge and I trust my instincts and do my research.

AWARENESS! When you buy CBD, be sure you investigate the source, bioavailability, what extras it may have and that above all, it’s safe and doesn’t contain herbicides, pesticides and unsafe additives.

Both of these products have liposomal delivery, free of pesticides, herbicides and Optivida is organic while Vasayo claims to be organic compliant whatever that is.

CBD, pure and simple as it is, can be man-handled and tweaked to deceive but if you care about your health (which money cannot buy), you will always at the very least look at the label, ask an authority in the field and just be careful.

Trust your instinct. Not all CBD is created equal.

I have used Hempworx and it’s a good brand. Optivida has an excellent product with it’s liposomal delivery and I can’t wait to share the Lipsosmal Tumeric they carry. It blows everyone else’s Tumeric capsules away.

I was a network marketer for Hempworx and I recently changed to CTFO brand. I am not an affiliate for Optivida but I know who is and can hook you up so let me know if you are interested in that one.

If I had not been at that crazy circus of a network meeting, I would not have believed it but it’s how they get you. Hype is hype. It works. CBD is serious pain management and not something to make money off at the expense of trusting buyers.

In a few weeks, I will be able to hang out my shingle and promote my services as an Alley Kat Legacy Health coach.

Take care of those who trust you with their health. It really matters!


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