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The Good, The Bad & The Ugly of Alternatives

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The ugly part of CBD oil is that it can be misused and abused and distributed almost right out of the kitchen door. The popularity of CBD oil or Cannabidiol oil is sweeping the nation faster than a prairie fire! Why? Because it works. Because it can be cheaply made and promoted.

It’s now one of the biggest home based networking models of distribution today.  What gives it the ugly part is that this cheap and widely available model of CBD oil is that it’s made into an isolate. That means what it says. It is isolated from the plant as a whole. It’s taken and reduced to one part of the whole spectrum and that is easy money. It’s almost in my opinion, as effective as aspirin but it is just a bit more in scope of application.

It is considered organic as it comes from a plant. In most cases the ugly part includes the extraction method which is CO2, olive oil, dry ice or even solvents. The industrial hemp is used for CBD oil to obtain a low THC. That is what makes the CBD famous … it won’t make you high especially when its extracted from industrial hemp using the CO2 and other processes. By the way, CO2 extraction does use solvents in the second part of the process so it’s there but few know about that.

Section 2

The bad part of CBD oil craze is that it’s being indiscriminately promoted to make a buck. Having first come upon this product in that manner gives me the chance to admit to my ignorance. I began as a network marketer because I was looking to start a business. You will find CBD oil is sold from associates and affiliates of big companies within the network or multi-level marketing industry.

That is not the problem as I see it or the “bad” if you will. What concerns me enough to put a post out on it is the fact that absolutely anyone with the ability to speak can sell this to anyone with the money to afford it. The drawback is that no medical knowledge is required. You can say anything you want, promise to deliver bliss and you are not going to jail for the misdiagnosing of anyone.

The more you sell, the more you make and that’s fine with anything else but not with people’s health. Add to that our government which is on the loose seeking to destroy anything that makes money for everyone but them. They are are prowling the advertising and selling of CBD in forms they can put a stop to such as edibles, tincture oils or topicals. Their goal is to rein in the freedom cannabis is currently enjoying. They want to curb its progress until they can figure out a way to monetize it for their profit along with the assistance of Big Pharma.

Networker’s out there selling high quality ones and poor quality ones are in the same boat. This is because not all people can use CBD safely and it only takes a few of the people to file complaints about being misled or ripped off for the government to shut it all down.

Section 3

The Good! Finally … there are some very thorough and very high quality full spectrum CBD oil producers. What makes them so invaluable is they recognize that the greatest good comes from the whole plant.

True CBD oil contains the many cannabinoids in the plant. It has naturally occurring terpenes. It has naturally occurring flavonoids.  Just so you know, a flavonoid is what makes the colors in your fruits and veggies rock and it’s what makes them so good for you! They put the “health” in your veggies and fruits.

Saving the best for last, you get the “Entourage” effect with a full spectrum CBD oil. That is the best way to get the most beneficial results from CBD oil. Like synergy, it’s the working of the body and the plant together with no missing parts that produces the ultimate efficacy for you.

Section 4

Be aware of the CBD oils you purchase. If possible, learn where it is grown, picked and processed. Ask questions. Once the bad guys figure out that they can’t sell their crappy oils, they will have to leave the industry or upgrade to a better product and every one will be better served instead of ripped off.

You can shop around the internet for high quality CBD oils because the reputable manufacturers will tell you all you need to know. In many cases it’s a price issue that causes some to go with the less expensive and I certainly understand why that happens. However, as soon as you can upgrade, please do it.

For the Health of YOU.  And, those who are depending on you. You matter.



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