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The Acid/Alkaline Balance and A Sacred Plant


You all have heard of the Acid/Alkaline balance. It’s been the rage and mantra of the health and wellness industry since the 1920’s.

There used to be places where the whole lifestyle was devoted to one long effort at finding the ultimate health plan.

Back then, hemp was still part of life. It had not yet been demonized and criminalized.

The beneficial homeostatic balance that hemp as food, clothing, paper, medicine, home building and the monetary value it once had, has been absent from American life to the point where some of us didn’t even know it existed.

It’s really a shame that in order to take precedence over health care and make billions from it, the pharmacopoeia industry literally ruined a perfectly safe and healthy plant and all the good it did.

Health is truly in jeopardy when treated with man made medicine from chemical laboratories. I know of one person who when she passed away, it was with 13 bottles of drugs on her bedside table.

Dis-eases such as stroke, kidney stones, prostate cancer, cervical cancer, diabetes, peptic ulcers, hiatal hernias, gallstones, irritable colon, heart disease, breast cancer, pancreatic cancer, stomach cancer, hypoglycemia, constipation, diverticulosis, hypertension, salmonellosis, osteoporosis, colon cancer, ovarian cancer, endometrial cancer, kidney disease, hemorrhoids, obesity, asthma, trichinosis are in the past blamed on the meat, dairy and egg industry.

In finding solutions, or rather, in pretending to find solutions, Big Pharma has been on the hunt for these cures. Why do you think they have no solved it?

My belief is that if the researchers should ever solve any health problem, they would soon be out of a job. Notice no cure for cancer? What a joke!

Doctors now do specialty work. The last thing they do is find out why your body is out of homeostasis. Instead, they work on one part only. You would think they all got their idea from home builders. The home builder hires different men to work on one thing only.

The doctors is doing business like that now and who cares? You sound very important when you announce that you have to see a SPECIALIST! And it works. No one questions why you are seeing a specialist because its a very serious sounding thing. And costly, too.

It’s sickening how health care has become a gold mine to the medical world. Obviously, I am not opposed to making money. What sickens me is that with all the money they make our population is still suffering under the worst health care crisis ever and with the only country on earth that pours so much money in to for so little in return.

Is it any wonder that people are now swinging to the other direction and creating their own Health Revolution? I don’t think they can do it fast enough. In fact they better get going before it’s too late and they will be imprisoned again for hemp crimes.

Social media sites are sitting in fear of Big Pharma and the FDA and they are stopping us from promoting our products on their pages. So, for wanting to get all our information and constantly asking us to promote our pages, the minute we do, we are shut down.  No problem. If I sat locked away all by myself, the Cannabis genie is out of the bottle and it will rule until they find a way to wage war on it again.

Here’s a statement from one of my schoolbooks:

Taken  from Page 310 of the THE HEALTHSEEKER’S YEARBOOK

“The last 50 years have seen the rise of a true plutocracy  (“monied class”) The medical/pharmaceutical complex and the SAD food/alcohol/tobacco triune have formed a virtual conspiracy to encourage people in unhealthful living habits by consumption of poison products so that they will spend what money they may have at their shortened life’s end on doctor and hospital bills.

Even if history one day does reveal that this is not a true conspiracy it may as well be for the effects it is having on the American People! To accomplish their end goal, their conspirators have almost complete control of the American press: they are masters of the newspapers in general and of magazines in particular, where their products are lavishly advertised and their latest scientific discoveries are so proudly heralded. Likewise, television news and documentaries are controlled y the powers that profit from Suffering Americans. Programming is quick to cover the latest drug and surgery news, while news of Hygienic healing miracles is virtually nonexistent.” -Copyright 1990 Victoria Bidwell

This insane way of health care for Americans has not changed much since this book was printed. It is so unfortunate for our health that the freedom of cannabis from demonization is still not beneficial for us. It is hamstrung by the FDA which is populated with people from places like Monsanto.

The link above is the most recent to expose the connections of the government to Monsanto.

Cannabidiol in all it’s various forms of CBD oil is one extremely reliable and efficient way to create homeostasis in your body because … our Endocannabinoid System uses it via receptors in our body to help create BALANCE.

When you use this Sacred Plant oil, you create pathways for your body to work with itself instead of attack itself as in auto-immune diseases.

The dearth of research is only because it’s hidden. There are studies and papers written all over the world and kept hidden from Americans because the enemy has other ideas for our wallets contents. In other words, if there is no money in it for them, big business including government, medical, mineral, commodities will do their best to keep it from us, the American citizen. And, it’s only going to get worse not better.

The shining CBD star that is rising today will soon be dimmed by Big Pharma and Big Corporate and Big Government.  They will kill the light.

So, that is my opinion of the day!

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