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Teen Acne and Whaaaat???

In America, we know all there is to know about acne … or at least anyone over ten years old knows.

It’s the dreaded skin condition guaranteed to ruin the pre-teen and teen years with dis-figuration. Or, if you are fortunate to know how to handle it in advance or your parents do, you can try to avoid the calamity associated with it. It’s also possible to have adult acne for the same reasons.

Let’s skip the super technical jargon since you know what it is and let’s say it’s too much oily skin produced and stuck in a pore. And, the opposite is true too and results in extremely dry skin eczema, itchiness and that sort of condition. These conditions can make a break a teens vulnerable years.

Many a girl or boy has had to deal with the teasing, the pain and the unhappiness this condition has always had the power to bear on us. Never ending solutions have been created and sold. Some were effective and others were just pure rip-offs. Lots of mothers mixed up solutions in the kitchen with varying degrees of effectiveness.

Acne is an inflammation. In this article I read, an apt description of the despair that acne causes. Here it is,  “Acne is not a life-threatening disease, but the impairment of quality of life is tremendous. You do not want to socialize. You close the door. It’s your face! And the scars can establish an extreme cosmetic problem.”

And Then Came Dr. Biro

When we consider the uses for cannabidiol, we do not imagine applying it to the skin for treating acne. Fortunately, in Hungary a doctor named Tamas Biro, M.D., Ph. D., D.Sc. gave it a try.¹

CBD is not banned in Hungary so working with it and getting excellent results in treatments would not be hindered by unavailability. He learned that a phytocannabinoid could prevent the action of an endocannabinoid.

In simple terms, we have an Endocannabinoid system which has a component, a neurotransmitter called anandamide which creates an unregulated condition resulting in lots of sebum production when there is too much anandamide produced by the body. In some people this is acne in various amounts.

When he applied CBD to the cells … anandamide was not able to produce a lipid synthesis in the presence of CBD! Also noted in this paper were the fact that CBD in low amounts is very effective in halting sebum production. Vitamin A on the other hand inhibits the fat production by killing the sebocytes.

And only the cells that are inflamed are impacted by the right concentration. The good healthy cells are not affected.

It might seem like a small thing since only 10% of the population is affected with acne nor is it a lifetime affliction although the scars it can cause are lifetime. It is great news to know that there is a great benefit to applying CBD to acne prone skin.

This discovery is amazing and wonderful news for millions of people around the plant who suffer from acne and its accompanying misery. Yes, not all suffer but we all know at least one person that can be helped especially if it’s proven to work which thanks to Dr. Biro, it does work. Just the many different brands and formulations on the market today are sure to fit both need and budget. No longer are we only faced with laboratory and chemical products. This is a plant that provides many helpful tools for managing your health both inside and outside the body.

There are many creams on the market and here is one that specifically states on the website, that it works to lessen inflammatory acne. It’s the Kush Cream available at

This CBD miracle is also great for other skin related issues so please keep that in mind if acne is not the problem but maybe eczema or dry skin is.

You would be wise to look at it and of course there are more but this is the one that I found to help you get started if this is something you need. You must always do a bit of research yourself so that you make an excellent choice for your condition. Knowledge is extremely important. Always make a phone call if there is something you don’t understand.




¹ Hope in the War on Zits

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