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So, You Want to Use A Safe and Healthy Alternative?

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Let’s look at how we can add Medical Marijuana into our world. One of the first things we need to do is ask ourselves why we want it.

Did someone tell you it would help you with something?

Do you know what it will do when you use it? And, … have you decided how you will use it? Are you going to smoke it? Will you eat it since you cannot smoke it? Oh heck no! None of that … you are going to use it topically right?

That sounds so awesome! But, are you sure?

Who told you to use it the way you are planning to use it?

If you smoke it, what strain are you going to use?

Maybe you haven’t been to the local dispensary yet but they have some stuff with names that will confuse you.

If you use a tincture are you sure of how much to use? Oh my! Don’t those edibles look yummy? How do they work? Will they help you or freak you out? You better make sure you know what you are doing before you spend money.

Section 2

Let’s face it, jumping on the bandwagon with cannabis is not like running down to the cafe and having the latest Bulletproof coffee and/or additive. No, this is serious stuff.

Let’s identify the pain you want to go away. Do you have a doctor diagnosis of arthritis? Or depression or anxiety?  What kind? Are you already on medication from a prescription for a serious illness ? Do you know if there will be a conflict with cannabis?

It is true that there are no side effects from cannabis but there are interactions when using cannabis with prescription medicines. That needs to be checked on first. If you fear the doctor putting a stop to it, you should be more afraid of what could happen if you don’t find out.

We are talking about major medicines. If all you want to relieve is a minor headache or a sore muscle that won’t stop and maybe a hangover or two, it might work to use some CBD. And right there, you also need to know that not all CBD oils are created equal. That’s for another time.

The problem my child is this … you want to take care of yourself. But you need to be willing to put in the time to learn how to do it right. If not, you might as well give up and go buy some side-effect loaded Tylenol or Ibuprofen.

And, you should be afraid to venture out into the unknown Cannabis world. Your health and well-being should be important to you. It’s not a choice you make over dinner. There are many things you need to know so that you will be victorious in your quest for health.

Your in luck because now is the time to learn with the least amount of time and money investment. What I am saying is – there are people who can help you. There are cannabis health coaches everywhere. All you need to do is find one. Pay a small one time fee and off you go fully informed with your list of choices to buy at the dispensary. Wait a minute there! No don’t start yet. Who you choose to get help and information from depends on how much you are willing to spend for a consultation.

You get what you pay for. But, maybe you aren’t in dire straits. A small fee or a large fee will be determined once you evaluate your condition and your financial load. Let me tell you something that might help. The people at the dispensary can explain what the different products are suited helping with and how to use them. If you share with them that all you want is help going to sleep because you are overtired and cannot wind down. Alcohol is putting weight on you with that shot of whiskey or beer and it’s pretty simple and obvious why you are there.

On the other hand, if you are suffering from a serious symptom as evidenced in fibromyalgia or some other auto-immune illness such as lupus, then you definitely need more information before you prance down to the corner and end up with something that makes you wish you had followed orders. If you are on blood thinners then you need to get advice from a medical doctor first. Things like this are to be taken into consideration. Ignoring medical doctors advice and then suffering worse traumas only bring the heat down on the MMJ industry as a failure when all along it was your laziness or fear that caused the problem. So be careful because it can impact all of us.

What happens here is people self medicate before taking stock of their situation. Maybe they are angry and just want relief without suffering from the doctor medicine in the form of constipation or its opposite, diarrhea. Lots of people tried marijuana to get high and party as young men and women will do. Well now, in their geriatric years, it’s not the same. Just looking at the hybrids and varieties of delivery of the products is enough to make your head reel.

Making the mistake of saying just get a medical marijuana license and you will be all set and can kick your doctor to the curb is insane. People have become high when all they wanted was to relieve anxiety. There are so many parts to the process and it does take some work to line up your ducks and be successful.

It is not impossible and all that is being recommended here is that you take the time to educate yourself before you become a medical marijuana consumer. The success in alleviating what ever it is that is causing you dis-ease is WORTHWHILE!

Section 3

Here is a list of things to do to get ready for your new life of pain free living.

  • Make sure your state and local laws allow it.
  • Know beforehand what symptoms you are trying to manage.
  • Know beforehand if you want to smoke it, use drops, eat it or use a vape pen.
  • Do you want a high THC ratio to CBD or the opposite?
  • Ask about the edible potency before buying. You might now want to miss work.
  • Keep in mind, less is more when using these products.
  • Topicals are just that … only for skin use. Do not ingest.
  • Be sure to find out how to store it and how to transport it in case you cross paths with the man in blue.
  • If you do not have a doctor because you are pretty healthy, then at minimum get a checkup first at a chiropractors office just to be sure your don’t have something like a heart murmur hiding in there.
  • Do not bring a friend with you. This is your time to shine and learn. Focus.

The acceptance of cannabis for treating health related issues is simply amazing. The plant known as THE SACRED PLANT, can work amazing wonders if treated respectfully and with deference to its limitations. We work hard to keep it from degenerating to its gutter like state prior to legalization.

Oh, and one more thing, keep away from products that have anything but Full Extract Cannabis Oil (FECO). It is the finest way to care for the most important person in the world. YOU. Avoid isolates and distillates.

The health of YOU is and should always be your priority. Others are depending on you and need you. Do not disappoint.



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