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Maybe Handwashing Police Next?

How crazy is this … 2,500,000,000 results for washing hands!

There are REAL INSTRUCTIONS ! for washing your hands …

In case you don’t know how >>> wet your hands with clean running water that’s warm or cold (in case you didn’t know that any water would do.) Next, you take soap of your choice and spread it over your hands and rub them together to create suds. Rub your hand together. Rub-a-dub and repeat 20 times to get really clean.

You can sing happy birthday and when you finish that you have washed them long enough to kill a bear. Next, you once again run hot or cold water that is clean over your hands. This is the final rinse.

After all that hard work, I recommend you put on clean cotton tight gloves. This will prevent you from contaminating your newly washed hands from getting germs on the doorknob, or the chair or the money you take or hand you shake or you name it … if your hand touches it, you have to repeat the process again.

Add soap

Be sure to repeat the process each time you urinate, defecate, before you eat and after you eat, if you cough into your hand or blow your nose or pick your teeth. Just carrying an anti-microbial is not good enough to keep your hands clean.

Do not, I repeat, do not forge to wash under your fingernails. Lots of creepy things lurking under your fingernails.

Hand washing is a discovery!

I kid you not … I found this: Who discovered hand washing?


Semmelweis demonstrated that puerperal fever (also known as childbed fever) was contagious and that this incidence could drastically be reduced by appropriate hand washing by medical care-givers. He made this discovery in 1847 while working in the Maternity Department of the Vienna Lying-in Hospital.Apr 29, 2013


My wild guess is prior to this handwashing was unknown. That leads me to this question > how did mankind survive before handwashing was discovered?

STOP!      STOP!      STOP!

This demonstrates how dumbed down we have become or how stupid we have always been. The shock and awe of learning that some people actually posted how to wash your hands is just crazy to me.

The world has gone backward while looking like we are at the zenith of learning and why? Is there something wrong with us that we need to have directions for basics like washing hands to the tune of over 2 billion results in a search?

If it wasn’t so pathetic, I’d be laughing my butt off! He, Semmelweiss, is called the father of handwashing!

Thanks to the Coronavirus, a new level of cleanliness has been lifted to a true life-saving procedure. There might be handwashing police in bathrooms standing by with sanitizer and fresh uncontaminated drying towels and disposable gloves to insure you do not dirty your hands.

In the end, dirty hand work may be banned. Stay tuned!


ps. Next week, how to shake hands as a greeting … by not shaking!

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