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It’s Only a Bandage


In the health community, especially those natural health nuts community, it’s well known that pharmaceutical prescription drugs do not heal. That’s not what they do so they are known as a “bandage.”

A bandage by definition only covers up the problem while the immune system is voraciously working to mend the tissues and or joints to restore health and balance.

Drugs created to help with alleviating the pain can sometimes be worse than the cure in that they bring a new host of problems known as side-effects.

In infomercials and short commercials promoting relief for different maladies we suffer from, at the end and in a really sped up version, the announcer rattles off the list of side effects to be aware of. You are to immediately consult your doctor if you have any of these side effects.

Don’t hold your breath waiting for the doctor to know ahead of time what the drug will do to you because he has no idea. Specialist or not, doctors these days, in my opinion, are not set up to cure but instead they do nothing more than prescribe drugs. These drugs are promoted by the manufacturer to the doctor to carry with an incentive attached.

You, the recipient, are the pincushion or guinea pig on which the product is tried upon. You are monitored by the doctor not out of compassion but to make sure you have no reason to sue the crap out of him for giving you a worse than the malady drug. You cannot self medicate at risk of being denied support should the drug go wrong.

Just listening to the list or reading the list of side effects is daunting. You need a medical dictionary to understand what you are taking if you even care. How many – myself included – never questioned what was in the pill? Until the pill backfire and made you sicker than before, you trust the doc.

But, let someone try to get you to try a potion or drop or edible that has no side-effects other than the desired calm and relief. Oh no! My doctor said no is the response. Well, when body parts take a turn for the worse, I will be here to help you put yourself back together if in fact, it’s not too late.

Talk to me. Let’s see how we can work out your ignorance about CBD and increase your knowledge about your health.

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