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In a Nutshell … Definitions

What’s in a name? EVERYTHING!

We see the fancy names everywhere. Full spectrum, broad spectrum and on and on.

Finally, because Alley Kat has run out of steam repeating it, she’s going to tell you right here in good ol’ print.

The one most people want but don’t know it is CBD Isolate. It is just what it says.  There is nothing in it but CBD. No THC. No terpenes which … the flavor part. No Flavonoids which the anti-cancer are and the anti-viral part plus more.

Purity is 99%. Zero THC. Zero side effects.

The one we see the most often is Full Spectrum. This has everything. Nothing is left out hence the word … full.

Terpenes, flavonoids, CBD are all there and this means you get that over all great feeling of peace and balance known also as “the entourage efffect.”

Broad spectrum is also out there and it’s a little confusing when placed beside the Full spectrum. So, here goes …

Because you might want to know why well, I don’t have the answer but Broad spectrum has everything Full does except for the THC.

It’s understandable why some would object to the THC. Alley Kat certainly would fall into that category a year ago. Apparently it takes time and education plus a little experience with 0.3% THC to appreciate the good it gives. Imagine a great and awesome decaf coffee. That’s Broad spectrum according to the Alley Kat dictionary.

Distillate is also known as The Pure. But what it doesn’t have it important.

No odor. No taste. Obtained using high heat extraction.


Watch out for that if you come under random drug testing.

The distillate is refined to within an inch of its usefulness making it very powerful.

Keep in mind the high THC content of a CBD distillate. Just saying!

Please keep in mind that the CBD and THC delivery varieties come from strains of the cannabis plant and these plants are bred for specific properties.

You do not need to know them all unless you are on a mission to find the one you believe is critical to your needs.

You know what? Why try to do what has been done many times over. Here is a chart that will answer all your questions. I encourage you to study it.

Here is the link if you would like to download it for your self.

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