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Day of The Jackhole

Part 1

The Day of The Jackhole is in honor of people who disdain organic, non-invasive, non-addictive health care in favor of industrial, commercialized, chemically based medicine with addictive and side-effect properties.

The Jackhole is impressed with the letters following the name of the man who spends today $2.6 million to become a doctor. The details and documented information is not available and it is irrelevant for the purpose of this post. The point here is … it costs time, money and loss to your personal and emotional life to become a doctor.

Many doctors are also specialists … because specializing also brings in more money than say a general practitioner. It’s a money maker when you work on one body part for a premium. It’s a loser when you work on many with simple head colds for pennies in a day.

But, the Jackhole thinks this guy who is overtired but hides it, who is unaware of how to care for the whole body and who doesn’t give a shit in most cases how it goes for you. As long as the meds get the desired outcome, he is happy. The problem becomes yours as soon as he mis-diagnoses your condition plus the meds prescribed for you. See, the specialist is just that. He only deals with one thing. A specialty like for ears, nose and throat because they are connected or a specialty like a foot doctor.

Part 2

So, let’s say you have a doctor who takes care of your bad ear and one that takes care of your liver and one that works on your anxiety and then one more for your male/female parts that are giving you trouble. Do you know that they do not talk to each other? They make diagnoses and recommendations of the best drug if one is needed. They prescribe the proper medical exercises or equipment to get the job done. They pat you on the back with one hand while the other bills you or takes the check. Off  you go home to see how it goes.

They do not call each other to find out what the other has given to you. At least not that I am aware of. No doctor I ever saw gave a hoot about the one I saw before him. God forbid you are the one who gets a reaction due to conflicting drugs you might have had the misfortune to forget to list on your application the first time you met him.

You are quite simply a number not a soul. Your don’t matter. The huge education loan and bills matter. You are a means to an end. There are many doctors who do it for the love of helping but that doesn’t change the facts of medical care. It’s still a specialist you get pushed over to even if it’s only to get blood drawn for the moment.

Part 3

Hence, the Jackhole is happy as can be because this overpriced specialist who has a list of alphabets behind his name has impressed him. The drugs worked so well so fast that he is delighted with the care given to him. No way it is intended to imply that he is not cared for … no, not at all. It is intended to show that the Jackhole is just … a body littered with medical trash. Yes. Medical trash. Drugs and over priced treatment designed to separate him from his money as well as promote the use of chemicals which work instantly. The damage will show later down the years.

He is the one who will suddenly die and everyone will wonder how he could go so suddenly in the peak of seeming health. His body was damaged years ago. His diabetes was never gotten rid of. His anxiety was never managed so he could repair his cells that were over excited to the point of death. His immune system is so compromised from years of chemical drugs fed to him. He is the one everyone is shocked to see die.

Part 4

The Finale

Had the Jackhole gone to the alternative health care provider, there is a good chance his health would have lasted much longer. Wheelchairs come in all sizes. The Jackhole is the one who makes the decision to forgo the organic, nutritionally and socially conscious medical care giver with only one thing behind their name, Consultant.

The Consultant gives the Jackhole a complete body, mind and spirit grooming. No stone is left un-turned in an effort to ascertain the total health requirements. To make the body work as nature intended – whole – not specialty parts.

Cannabis is finally emerging from the underworld of medical trash to be the shining star of a system, the Endocannabinoid System. This ECS in your body is the core of Health. It brings your life into being. You have an immune system, an hormonal system and a nervous system that support the respiratory and skeletal systems of the body creating an environment similar to the ticking of a fine clock. The Jackhole says no because it sounds like witch doctor voodoo.

The Jackhole says no to Cannabis because his mind says it’s a drug. Ummm … the high potency acidic chemicals you took for your illnesses from the doctor are also drugs. What is the difference? One works slowly so the body can heal to it’s prime condition and the other puts a bandage on the problem and when the bandage finally falls off, death appears.

Cannabis is not a cure all but it is a remedy to ease the dis-comfort of pain and suffering. In each case of use, a desired outcome is achieved with meticulous and well thought out care. Just tossing a drug at a patient without caring for the whole body is just wrong. Cannabis and good nutrition work hand in hand for the whole of the body at all times.

The government is saying wait until tests are done. The testimonies of hundreds of millions of people are discounted because a doctor didn’t prescribe it. Little do the majority of people know that the doctors are creeping to the back doors of the alternative health care providers to get their own dose of CBD or THC. Many have seen the light but have to live in the dark and hide it from their own clients/patients for fear of losing the license that has the alphabet behind their name. He is the Jackhole too. He is a coward.

Before I start to get hate mail, yes this is the opinion of Alley Kat and no one else.

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