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Afraid to Use CBD Oil?

There is no valid reason to fear CBD oil. In most cases the fear is based on past villainous views of stoners depicted to us by authority figures to keep us in line. It was a bad thing to do and only bad people smoked cannabis. It was associated with pill popping, needle drugs and the ever present and accepted alcohol.

Last week as I was sharing my use of CBD with a co-worker, He shared with me his fears about using CBD. He, like myself is under random drug testing  because we are Class A drivers. His co-worker in another department is not under random drug testing. His buddy is free to smoke for recreation or use CBD with no fear of failing a test. My friend however, he could lose his job, be accused of addiction or worse, suffer felony charges depending on how it goes with his company.

We have a problem. Hundreds of thousands of people every day are suffering from chronic pain. a majority of those suffering are the baby boomers, veterans and vaccine injured people and babies. Actually they suffer from a variety of things such as anxiety, seizures, auto-immune dis-eases, nutritional suffering, physical disabilities that bring depression and amazingly difficult processes for them to accomplish due to emotional discomfort.

The hope of CBD as a pain reliever and pain manager is non-existent for them. The medical community has convinced them that only their prescribed drugs are good. The insanity of giving prescription drugs with the insane amount of side effects is hard to fathom. Some are afraid of using CBD because they are afraid of losing their government assistance or losing a child under the term neglect when all they are trying to do is save them the agony of pain from nerve damage, brain damage, seizures and so forth.

In the workplace for instance, people are given side effect drugs which compromise their ability to do their job safely. Many get no relief from the pain and have to work in that pain.  Some take the drugs and work anyway hoping for an accident free day. A day of work missed is harmful to the family budget or in the case of single unencumbered folks, just as harmful because there is no partner to help keep money coming in.

The random urine drug screen tests for the presence of THC. It’s important also to know if the CBD is properly grown, processed and sold with the 0.3% legal limit of THC in it. Nothing will persuade him that he will pass because his mind only focuses on the THC content.

On top of that misunderstanding, CBD with 0.3% THC or none at all, is processed so fast by your body it’s safer than prescription drugs. The relief from pain is amazing to behold! Literally, the lame can walk. Your aching joints revive and work like new.

I have a few friends who are suffering from unimaginable pain which is strongly painful and other days it’s less painful. They are afraid to lose their government assistance so they live in agony. The children who suffer seizures to the count of 150 a day are having the CBD withheld out of fear they will lose financial benefits or doctor benefits. But, they do have access to the most debilitating and health destroying chemically manufactured drugs that Big Pharma can dream up. These are dosed out at an alarming rate and with refills available, the assurance of an income is guaranteed to Big Pharma.

Wait and watch, but the day Big Pharma finds out how to utilize the CBD in a way that will make them billionaires i(f they aren’t already) is the day CBD will be available like Vitamin C is today.

It’s already popping up in drugstores but the unknowing and tricked public has no idea that they are in actuality receiving a less than the best product.

People make fun of the networking companies but they are safer to purchase your CBD from than the dispensary down the street. Here’s why, they have to have their product tested before they can sell it to you.

It’s so scrutinized from the seed to the final oil in the dropper, it’s a blessing to know your purchase is the real deal. Now, dispensaries, because they are local in most cases, they don’t usually carry all the documentation that the network companies do. Nor are they under the FDA scrutiny  because the dispensaries only re-sell product. They are not involved in it’s purity from seed to oil or end product.

Please, if you just smoke or eat cannabis products for recreational use, bear in mind that you’re looked at under a microscope these days. Make your use of cannabis be a benefit and a blessing to those who don’t use it  and share with them the healthy side of cannabis. Let them see it’s not at all demon driven.

Help the people who need it the most receive enlightenment about the lies and fears we have been fed all these years. It’s not about being cool and accepted.

Using cannabis as CBD tincture is important to the health and well-being so it matters that proper use and care and explanation be known to them.

If you need a teaching or training on using CBD or THC for medicinal reasons, please let me know how I can help you.

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