For The Health of YOU

Alley Kat's Legacy Health


In the newly APPROVED and extremely explosive atmosphere within the Cannabis Community of Users

there has opened up a new need for help.

We need help to understand the world of

hemp as it begins to have acceptance, desirability,

usefulness, legality, common use, compliance,

recognition and is newly esteemed as the life

giving herb in use for centuries.


and the numerous on point and slang names

that it goes by – is going to require that we learn a new


The words and phrases are new

to folks who never really understood the

medicinal aspects. Not all was recreation as we thought.

As that knowledge expands so will our

ability to absorb it into our whole being.

Here we place emphasis on our four models for complete

health of the human body. The  physicalmental, spiritual and

emotional models will be our focus at Cannabis Legacy Health.

This plant is extraordinary and our intent is to

share with you the same awareness that

we are experiencing as we learn the new

outcomes of testing and trials that the product

will pass through.

There are many places you can surf the internet

and learn from … our posts and pages are our

small contribution to the education of YOU.

All for the health of everyone who can benefit

from using cannabis, we salute you!


Thank you,

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